Froghopper (Cuckoo Spit) - The Froghopper is a small insect that can leap into the air up to 70 cm. Relative to body weight this is more impressive than a flea! When the froghopper jumps it generates a G-force over 400. When you consider an astronaut heading into orbit experiences a G-force of 5 this is also somewhat impressive. The froghopper though is more renowned for the nymph creating "cuckoo spit". This is the frothy spit like substance seen on plants during the summer. The nymph feeds on the sap of plants and encase themselves in spit-like froth for means of protection and also acts as an insulation. It also has an acrid taste to predators therefore having multiple uses. The froghopper and its nymph has no connection at all with the cuckoo. The term "cuckoo spit" derives from the fact that you are first likely to notice the "spit" in late spring when the cuckoo arrives. These images were photographed in Co. Leitrim Ireland.

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